IPhone App Development

At Mymate, we know how important it is to be up-to-date in new technologies, especially Smartphones. That is why we offer application development services for iPhone .

We are experts in IPhone App Development, creating iPhone apps is our passion and we will transform your idea into a profitable business available to everyone.

If you are looking for an application for iOS devices, you have stopped at the right place. We develop applications for iPhone and iPad under the mock-up designed during the idea and prototype phase of the project. Each application market has its own restrictions and requirements, both visually and technically, we know in good time the penalties suffered by the Apple guidelines, which will delay the launch of your app. Do not play it and bet on the quality and reliability of MyMate.

The iOS App Development: The Apple Operating System for your iPhone and iPad devices - can transform the way people do the things they are most passionate about, whether creating, learning, socializing or being more productive. Developing an App for your company and making it available to your customers will allow you to connect with them and grow in ways you never thought would be possible before.

Development of iOS Applications: Our experts specialize in comprehensive application development services for iOS, including the development of native UI / UX, the coding of the latest functions and the distribution of finished applications through the App Store, as well as the compatibility with the store. We are specialists in mobile application development, iOS technologies, and custom development services.

IOS integration: We provide customized and standard iOS integration services that are tailor made for different industries. Using the SDK and API, iOS integration solutions include managing your app's rating, collecting and responding to customer comments, and accepting payments with integrated support for Apple Pay.

Technologies for Development App iOS

  • iOS: The operating system for Apple mobile devices that offers spectacular performance.
  • Xcode: Official programming environment with which to create incredible Apps for iPhone and iPad.
  • Swift: One of the most versatile mobile programming languages of the moment. Squeeze the full potential of iOS devices.
  • App Store: Your App published in the official Apple Apps store. More than 2 million Apps available for download.
  • Sheets: Official SDK to be able to incorporate the Augmented Reality technology created by Apple to any iOS App.

We are an Apps Development Agency in Malaysia specialized in the development of native and multiplatform apps.We have been working for more than 5 years and more than 50 projects for Startups and Companies of all sizes. We offer services in Malaysia.

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